Guarantee your admission to FIU as part of the BC + FIU Connect4Success pathway!

Start at BC. Finish at FIU. The perfect Complement.

The FIU Connect4Success partnership allows you to start at BC and finish at FIU’s Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management.

By knowing exactly what courses to take at BC and how they transfer to FIU, you can stay on track and graduate on time. The guidance offered by both, BC and FIU advisors, reinforces transfer readiness and makes the transition easier.

At FIU’s Chaplin School you’ll be able to concentrate in an area of interest within the hospitality industry while you gain a solid foundation in leadership, business management, finance, marketing, logistics, accounting, operations, and more.

At FIU, you’ll earn your undergraduate degree from one of the state’s most respected research and teaching institutions. With fully online, hybrid and on-site options, your degree is accessible from anywhere.

BC students do well at FIU
Since the 2013/14 academic year, BC students graduate from FIU with an average 3.0 GPA (undergraduate) and 3.4 GPA (graduate).

Near 100% completion
With few exceptions, nearly all students who transfer from BC complete their undergraduate degree.

Be a success story!
Join the hundreds of BC students who have found their path to academic success by transferring and continuing their education at FIU.

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