It has always been and will always be a hard task deciding what and where to study. This is why we want to share with you some of the advantages of the US educational system.

No matter if you are in high school or university, the American system is characterized by its flexibility and personalization, two qualities that have been proved to lead to greater academic success and lower risk of school failure.

In the United States, students are required by law to receive a wide, general education before choosing a specialization, which usually happens in their third year of university studies. This means that they will get a taste of many different disciplines, and then choose a field based on their real experience. At the same time, this implies that they will not be required to choose their educational pathway at the young age of 16, but instead will be free to decide as they move forward, and with no loss of time or money.

Due to the continuous assessment, students are required to frequently submit assignments and projects. This practical, short-term approach is a powerful source of motivation because of its dynamism, because students don’t feel the pressure of their final mark being dependent to a large extent on one exam, and because they can see their own progress, which pushes them to keep up the good work.

Another particularly interesting aspect of this system is that students are not forced to adapt to a strict and immutable study plan, but the other way around. In the US, the system adapts to each individual’s skills and academic goals (from high school to university level), while fulfilling the legal requirements.

This flexibility is reflected in the support provided to student-athletes who practice sports semi-professionally or professionally in their academic schedules, which are adapted to combine with their training sessions, or in being given permission to miss classes due to sport commitments without attendance or grade penalty. This is because in the US sport is just as important as academic education, so much so that there is a real immensity of scholarships that extend to any kind of sports discipline.

And precisely scholarships are the added value of this system, as they are not only limited to financial need, but they also reward academic merit and encourage students to work hard and excel.

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