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MARBELLA CITY FC is a Full-Time residence Academy based in Southern Spain. Founded by Chris Vermeeren,  Marbella City FC has seen many success stories: 100+ club trials, played La Liga teams with Sevilla, Malaga, Atletico and Real Madrid, resulting in players signing (semi) pro-contracts to play in various European cities. Marbella city FC has also provided many scholarships for players in the USA.

About the Academy:
Marbella City focuses on youngsters from ages 15-20 from across the Globe. The academy provides full-time training, room, and board and offers students the opportunity to be fully submerged in the environment of a professional player for a full 10 month season.

Students will benefit from:

  1. A top-level training program with UEFA Pro license coaches and professional players.
  2. Playing weekly games with La Liga and Liga Adelante Clubs.
  3. The opportunity to be a part of a competitive environment.
  4. A worldwide network with clubs and universities.

“The opportunity to be a part of this competitive environment is a truly exciting one for our players”, says Chris Vermeeren, “We showcase your talents to professional clubs in Spain- Holland, and around the world”. 


Marbella City works together with The American College in Spain to provide the education for its players. Students are able to complete their high school education as well as the first two years of university in a pleasant environment that adapts to the players’ training program.

“We are extremely pleased with our partnership with The American College in Spain and we work hand in hand to provide our players with a top High School and University program that is fully integrated in our full- time football program”, says co-founder Chris Vermeeren.

About the founder:

• Founding director of Marbella City.
• Former global director of Nike and one of the best scouts in the world.
• Has worked with top athletes like Federer, Nadal and Sharapova.
• Has organized global events like Goal4Africa and raised millions of dollars for
    global foundations.
• Has worked with young athletes and co-developed them into champions.
• Has created many legacy projects.

“It’s a great experience to work in sports and bring and share my personal and business knowledge to the next generation and develop them into great athletes and human beings. It is important to care and treat them like they are part of your family” says Chris Vermeeren, founding director of Marbella City.

GLOBALFCE is the acquisition company for Marbella City and organizes the necessary application, sign- up, and visa approval process.

The American College in Spain is an international center of Broward College. Broward College, is a state college in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and is part of the Florida College System.

Students enrolled in The American College in Spain Broward center are simultaneously enrolled in Broward main campus, All grades and transcripts are provided by Broward College.

Students enrolled in the BC center in Spain can earn and their Associate degree from Broward College and then transfer to a university in the U.S., Canada or Europe.

Since ACS is an international center of Broward College, the academic program is equivalent to what one would have access to in Ft. Lauderdale. .

Broward College is a modern and innovative educational institution that focuses on affordability, excellence, and a direct pathway to career readiness. Our students can choose from a wide range of more than 100 degrees and certificates with day and evening classes.

Since 1974 Broward College has been a leader in international education partnering with colleges and universities throughout the world to provide American educational opportunities to students who live outside of the United States. The BC International Education program model allows students to stay in their home country and complete an Associate’s degree (the first two years of a 4-year U.S. Bachelor’s degree) before transferring to a university in the U.S. to finish the final two years of the degree.

For more information:

International students can earn a U.S. diploma from a recognized, fully accredited U.S. high school.

The American College in Spain offers a high school diploma through The University of Nebraska High School, a fully accredited program whereby students can complete their high school in Spain.

The University of Nebraska High School advises students individually and assigns the courses necessary for high school completion. Students attend classes at the American College in Spain where they are provided with an instructor in each of their subjects. All homework, testing, and grades are done through the University of Nebraska High School.

The University of Nebraska High School program offers a complete and rigorous curriculum to college-bound students.

With more than 85 years of experience, UNHS is an expert in delivering high-quality high school education to students and schools around the world. UNHS is accredited by AdvancED and the Nebraska Department of Education, and its courses are supported by qualified teachers. The core courses are also NCAA-approved, which means colleges and universities nationwide accept and respect a UNHS diploma.

Through its award-winning curriculum UNHS provides more than 100 core, elective and Advanced Placement® courses in eight subject areas to students grades nine through twelve. Established by the University of Nebraska in 1929, UNHS now serves students in all 50 U.S. states and more than 100 countries.



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