University Transfer Program

2+2 Program
2 years in Spain and 2 years in the U.S.

The University Transfer Program enables students to begin in Marbella much of the basic coursework required by all North American universities.

After completion of these 2 years, students then transfer their credits to universities in the USA (or any other university in Europe that offers the North American university system) from which they intend to earn their degree: BA (Bachelor of Arts), BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) or BSc (Bachelor of Science).  

University Transfer Program

The System works in the following way:

– Credits for courses taken at The American College in Spain are transferred and accepted as credits toward the degree of another institution. Universities in the USA will generally accept credits from other accredited institutions if the student has earned a minimum of a “C” grade in the course and if the student’s current institution has equivalent class work in its curriculum that meets the receiving institution’s degree requirements.

– Each institution has different requirements for its degrees, which all students must meet. Many universities insist that all specialized requirements for a degree be completed at the degree-awarding institution, a fact, which limits the amount a receiving university will award in transfer credits.

– Some institutions have residency requirements, which state that a certain portion of the courses must be done at the degree awarding university. All of these factors must be taken into consideration at the time of planning for a student’s transfer. 


University Transfer Program

Part Time
  • Part time Student
  • Less than 12 credits
  • Max. 3 subjects

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