Students who graduate from ACS High School in Marbella will automatically be accepted by the University of Missouri

On July 15th The American College in Spain and the University of Missouri High School signed a collaboration agreement by which the Marbella entity will represent them academically on the Costa del Sol and Spain.

Established in 1839, the University of Missouri was the first public university in the western United States and is home to the world’s first journalism school. It is one of 65 universities in the US and Canada that is part of the prestigious Association of American Universities. They also have the most powerful university research reactor in the country for the production of radioisotopes that are used in medicine to save lives.

Thanks to the agreement signed between this prestigious U.S. university and The American College in Spain, all students following this program at the Marbella campus will have direct access to the University of Missouri once they obtain their High School diploma. This represents a tremendous advantage for all students, Spanish and foreigners who enroll in ACS since its High School program is fully accredited by the American federal government. All students who graduate from ACS will be directly and automatically admitted to any of the more than 100 degrees offered by the University of Missouri.

Respect, Responsibility, Discovery and Excellence banners. The Quad. Jesse Hall.

Since 2013, when The American College in Spain was founded, dozens of students from the Costa del Sol who have completed their High School studies at The American College in Spain High School Program, have been accepted at prestigious universities in the USA. Many of these students have already obtained their corresponding degrees from these universities. This American educational center in Marbella is fully accredited by the US educational authorities because of the agreements they have with Broward College in Florida and now the University of Missouri.

We are very proud to be able to collaborate with a center of such long-standing tradition as the University of Missouri as it offers a fantastic opportunity for students who graduate from our High School Program to be able to enroll directly in this prestigious university,” stated Melissa Butler, Director of The American College in Spain.

The American College in Spain has also been one of the educational centers that has worked best during confinement thanks to the use of new technologies that were incorporated to teach classes virtually and the training and commitment of its teachers. With this new collaboration agreement, ACS increases its academic offer and the quality of its studies.

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